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Prussian Regiments?

I'm now translating the capitulation of Blücher's forces at Lübeck, which ends with a listing of the units that were under his command. By cross referencing with Peter Hofschröer's and R. Knötel's books on Prussian infantry/cavalry I can translate most of the units as they appear in French. However, I'm having some problems identifying the following:

2 batillons de Bvvstien,
1 bataillon de grenadiers de Winog,
5 bataillons de Heyking,
½ de Wabeser
2 de Béren

He also refers to cavalry as chausseurs, but they don't appear to be Hussar regiments nor Dragoons so I'm not sure who he means:

5 escadrons de Ostem,
1 idem roi de Bavière,
2 idem de Inwieng,
1 idem de Baillody,

He also has several horse artillery units listed:

1 batterie de Waguener,
½ idem Heydenezick,
½ idem Lehmanin,
2 canons de Schotten

I'd like to be consistent in the translation and use the proper German names for these units, can anyone help?

V/R Greg

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