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General Dmitri Dokhturov's Entombment

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Although its not a "hot" news, I am sure some will find it very interesting. You all may know Russian General Dmitri Dokhturov, chef of the Moscow Infantry Regiment and hero of almost every Napoleonic campaign. He fought at Krems and Austerlitz in 1805, Golymin, Eylau (seriously wounded), Guttstadt, Heilsberg and Friedland in 1806-1807, Smolensk, Borodino and Maloyaroslavets in 1812, Dresden and Leipzig in 1813 and Hamburg in 1814. He died on 24 November 1816 and was buried in a family burial at "Davidova pustin." However, in subsequent decades, the location of his grave was lost and after the 1917 Revolution, the cemetery was entirely destroyed. In 2002, during a construction at this location, workers wound a grave with human remains and general's uniform. It was determined that the remains belonged to General Dokhturov. On 26 October 2003, a ceremony of entombment of Dokhturov's remains was held at the monastery Voznesenskaia Davidova pustin, which is at Chekhov, in Moscow region. The ceremony was attended by representatives of varius museums and re-ennactors from all over Russia. The sarcophagus was carried by the senior officers (including generals) of the Russian army. As the coffin was lowered into the grave, soil from Eylau, Borodino and Maloyaroslavets was put on top of it to honor Dokhturov's conduct at these battles.

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