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Maybe I did not express myself clearly, I don't evaluate Erckmann Chatrian as good as memoires in case of historical accurary but I prefer books, where I know beforehand - that they are historical ficition to those who claim to be true history and proove worse than historical ficiton.

As for memoires you are right, but I find very good observations in most, and as you told some evidently not true, like when they speak as soldiers about the casualties of a battle, where they had to rely on the bulletins to sort out the figures, but real gems, like Parquin - when he mentions that a facial wound heals quicker than a body wound, other favourites of mine are indeed Charles Francois (despite he cherished the Emperor of the French), or Griod de l'Ain, or de Gonneville, or Orson, or Gervais or Pouget or ...

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Hans - Karl

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