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John William Waters,

Captain 1st Regiment of Foot
Promoted Substantive Major in the British Army when assigned to service with Portuguese Army [one of the 24 officers 'Employed on a Particular Service' who received that promotion in the British Army]
Brevet Lieutenant Colonel British Army 30 May 1811
[Brevet] Lieutenant Colonel 1st Line Regiment Portuguese Army 31 March 1809

On half-pay of the British Army for a time after the war ended and then appointed to a company in the Guards [can't recall which regiment]

I have a note that he held an appointment on the staff at home as a General Officer.

Became a Lieutenant General

Died 21 November 1842

Companion of the Bath - 1815
Knight Commander of the Bath - 1832

One of Wellington's favourites as a Staff Officer. He was the officer who found the wine barges at Oporto in May 1809 which allowed the army to cross the Douro River. Although attached to the Portuguese Army, Wellington specially requested that he be allowed to serve on the staff of his army in the Adjutant-General's Department. Waters usually replaced both the Adjutant General and the Deputy Adjutant General whenever they were absent from their duties [longest period was approx. August 1812 to January 1813]. He performed a similar service during the 1815 Campaign after Waterloo when both his superiors had been wounded.

Best anecdote is: he was captured by the French and when Wellington was told, responded that they would not have him for long. A while later Waters showed up.

Served from February 1809 to October 1814 in the Portuguese Service. Prisoner of War Sabugal 3 May 1811 but escaped. Wounded in the Pyrenees. Gold Medal or Cross: Badajos. Salamanca, Nivelle, Nive, Orthes, Toulouse. Mentioned in Despatches for: Douro, Sabugal and Salamanca.

Not certain if he has a notice in the 'DNB'. Another officer who deserves a biography.

Hope this helps.



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