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Following the Six Rampon was made prisoner of war on 21 Ferbruary 1814, but re-entered France on 31 May 1814. On 4 June 1814 he became Pair de France. During the Hundred-days he was appointed commissiare extraordinaire de Napoleon in the 4th military division.
On 2 June 1815 pair de France. Charged with the defense of Paris under Valence for the sector between the Seine and Bicêtre (on the south part of the town) after the Waterloo-disaster. Striked off the list of the pairs de France on 24 July 1815. Again Pair de France on 5th march 1819.

The Fastes de la légion d'honneur give some more information : During the Hundred Days he seated in the Chambre des pairs . From 1819 on he always attended the sessions of the parliament, where he made a wise and moderate opposition. At the time of the coronation of Charles X, he was nominated Great Cross of the Légion d'honneur by ordnance of 22 May 1825, and he was the oldest of the Great-officers of this association. Count Rampon died in Paris on 2 March 1842.

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