Napoleon Series Archive 2004

Treatment of Spaniards Working for the French.

Colonel Lamare, the senior French engineer in Badajoz during its siege in 1812 wrote in his memoirs that when Badajoz fell to the British:

"Colonel Nieto, Captain Romero, Lieutenants Gambari, Olize, Guevora, and some Soldiers in the service of Joseph Buonaparte, were given up to the supporters of Ferdinand VII> and were shot not long afterwards. The brave Captain of Artillery Farinas, to avoid tht fate, placed himself at the mouth of a mortar, set fire to it and blew himself up."

Lamare, An Account of the Second Defence of the Fortress of Badajoz by the French, in 1812 Cambridge: Ken Trotman; 2003. P.35

Did the British usually give up any captured Spaniards to the Spanish or did they treat them as same as their French prisoners?

Did the same happened to the other Spaniards who collaborated with the French, once the French were expelled from Spain? What about in Aragon, where it was relatively peaceful compared to the other provinces?