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Greg Gorsuch: the situations in 1806/1807

Hi Greg,
First of all, I would like to express my appreciation for your continuous work above the campaign 1806/1807. Your articles, recently placed on the website, presenting situations of the each corps in so called: Pultuskís manoeuvre, according to Foucart, are for me of great value (I am trying ineffectively since the longer time to get Foucart, and Lechartier as well).

But I have some doubts. Only in the 3rd Corps are many mistakes:
There are constantly errors in situations from all date. On the head of 108th Ligne is colonel Higonet. But Higonet was killed at Auerstadt! Later 108th Ligne took colonel Rottembourg (20 October 1806).

On the head of 61st Ligne is colonel Nicolas, but Nicolas wounded at Auerstadt, was promoted GdB on 23 October 1806, and around the same date, colonel Faure replaced him in 61st Ligne.

Similary with 85th Ligne where in tabel is colonel Viala, who has been wounded in Auerstadt and promoted to GdB. On 20 October, colonel Duppelin came to 85th Ligne from grenadiers a pied of the Imperial Guard.

The same is with colonel Gay from 111th Ligne. He was replaced by colonel Husson in the end of October 1806. Gay was sent to Berlin to disposition of Berthier, and later he became an inspector of rewievs in Kalisz.

I think, mistake is also with general Marulaz (the corpís cavalry). Marulaz replaced general Viallannes as late as in the beginning of December, thus in situation from the 12th of November could not be figured.

Very interesting is that the 1st division (Morand), in spite of 5 regiments, had only two brigades. General Bonnet díHonnieres traditionaly led the brigade of light infantry (13 Legere). General Brouard was in command of 17th and 30th Ligne (action at Czarnowo), but who was in command of 51st and 61st Ligne? For instance, Six (p.300) states that general Debilly has served in Morandís division since February 1806.

I do not know who have made mistake, probably Foucart, because I do not suspect that general Daultanne did not know his generals and colonels. Maybe someone has other comments?

Best Regards,

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