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The troops leaving Kassel on 13 May 1792 were:

Regiment Garde
1. Grenadier-Bataillon

a detachment of the Garde du Corps
Regiment Carabiniers
Regiment Leibdragoner
Regiment Husaren

Later, the following units joint the corps to bring it to the strength of 6000 men:

Regiment Garde-Grenadier
2. Grenadier-Bataillon
leichtes Infanterie-Bataillon

The artillery was comprised of 16 threepounder guns regimental artillery and 2 onepounder guns ("Amüsetten"), the latter being attached to the Jäger-Corps.

Source: Renouard, Geschichte des französischen Revolutionskrieges im Jahre 1792, Cassel, 1865, pp. 119 ff.

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