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Re: Uniform plates of Boisselier (M.) *PIC*


These are illustrations of Henri Boisselier, 1881-1959. A number of his illustrations can be seen on our colleague Yves Martin’s Web Blog:

As well as Yves’ Homepage:

Armées d'Espagne 1808-1814 (1:

Armée d'Espagne 1808-1814 (2):

Infanterie Française 1804-1815:

Armée d'Orient 1798-1801:

As far as price, here are the results of a ‘recent’ auction:

BOISSELIER (H.). Réunion de 180 aquarelles et dessins originaux. Uniforme de l'Armée d'Italie d'après le recueil du Colonel Darbou. En feuille. Uniformes Italiens sous le premier Empire. Est :1 200 euros Résultat : 850 euros

BOISSELIER (H.). Uniformes de l'Armée française. Premier Empire. 34 planches de Boisselier d'àprès Valmont. Joint : 7 planches en couleurs de Maurice Toussaint in-8°, en feuilles. Est : 460 euros Résultat : 300 euros

He produced a great many plates. They can be seen in the Bucquoy series, the Sabretache, the Briquet, etc. He also made illustrations for Lieutenant-Colonel R. Darbou in the 40s and 50s. Several of these were ‘reprinted’ by Henri Achard in small numbers as text (Darbou) and B&W plates (Boisselier). I have one of these concerning Westphalian troops.

Perhaps our colleague Yves will make a more informed comment regarding M. Henri Boisselier.


Tambour du 9e de Ligne en 1809 from Yves Martin’s collection:

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