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A more complete list of articles on this subject

Rory (and anyone else interested in this issue),
Here is my attempt at a complete list of articles that illustrate the differences of views between Peter Hofschröer and John Hussey on Wellington’s actions at the start of the Waterloo Campaign; I did not include Peter’s two books on the Waterloo campaign, since I am sure everyone knows those. The list includes articles by several other individuals, including myself, dealing with the debate, but not John’s more recent articles on the events of April and May 1815 in Belgium, although I recommend them highly as background for the campaign. I felt compelled to write my First Empire article taking a new look at the original sources for the timing of Zieten’s message to Wellington on 15 June 1815 after Peter continued to claim in the JSAHR that Julius von Pflugk-Harttung, historian and archivist at the Prussian Military Archives, had supported allegations that a message from Zieten had arrived in Brussels at 9 a.m., even after John Hussey and Gary Cousins published direct quotations in which Pflugk-Harttung stated exactly the opposite. I then discovered that some of Peter's sources were not as reliable as he claimed. But I don’t want to reopen that debate, since it led to me becoming the target of some rather nasty personal attacks on the other Napoleon Series forum; I just want to present the articles here so that people can read them and judge for themselves. Here’s the list:

Hofschröer, “Did Zieten ‘Refuse’ to Communicate with Wellington on 13 and 14 June 1815? Another Waterloo Myth Examined by Peter Hofschroer”, Age of Napoleon 22 (year?) 32-40.

Hofschröer, “Wellington: The Genesis of his Waterloo Myths,” Napoleonic Scholarship 1 (1998) 60-66.

Hussey, “The Significance of a Wellington Memorandum of May 1815”, JSAHR 76 (1998) 58-62.

Hofschröer, “Did the Duke of Wellington Deceive His Prussian Allies in the Campaign of 1815?”, War in History 5 (1998) 176-203.

Hussey, “Müffling, Gleig, Ziethen, and the ‘Missing’ Wellingtonian Records: The ‘Compromising’ Documents Traced”, JSAHR 77(1999) 250-268.

Hofschröer, “Old Myths Die Hard: Is the De Lancey Disposition Genuine?”, Age of Napoleon No. 35 (2000) 36-39.

David Miller, “Reply to ‘Old Myths Die Hard’”, Age of Napoleon 36 (2002) 42-43.

John Hussey, “At What Time on 15 June 1815 did Wellington Learn of Napoleon’s Attack on the Prussians?,” War in History 6 (1999) 88-116.

Hofschröer, “Reply to John Hussey: At What Time on 15 June 1815 Did Wellington Really Learn of Napoleon’s Attack on the Prussians”, War in History 76 (1999) 468-478.

Hussey, “Towards a Better Chronology for the Waterloo Campaign,” War in History 7 (2000) 463-480.

Hofschröer, “Yet Another Reply to John Hussey: What Really are My Charges Against the Duke of Wellington?” (Note 1568) JSHAR 78 (2000) 221-225.

Hussey, “Evening and the Waterloo Despatch” (Note 1611), JSAHR 79 (2001) 336-338.

Hofschröer, “Evening All?” (Note 1638), JSAHR 80 (2002) 260.

Gary Cousins, “A Belle Alliance … The Battle about Books About the Battle”, First Empire 67 (2002)

Hussey, “Messages on the Morning of 15 June 1815: A Prussian Expert’s Conclusions”, Note 1660, JSAHR 81 No 325 (Spring 2003) 62-63.

Cousins, “A Note on Zieten’s Supposed Early Message to Wellington”, Note 1728, JSAHR 82 (2004), 361-362.

Hofschröer, “Reply to Mr. Cousins”, Note 1729, JSAHR 82 (2004), p. 363.

Gregory W. Pedlow, “Back to the Sources: General Zieten’s Message to the Duke of Wellington on 15 June 1815”, First Empire 82 (2005) 30-35. [available for downloading at - I recommend this version rather than the magazine one, because Dave Watkins reinserted a footnote in the net version that had gone missing during the publishing process and threw off the numbering in the magazine article.]

For those of you who read German and want to see for yourself exactly what Pflugk-Harttung, archivist at the Prussian military archives, wrote in his excellent 1903 article “Die Preussische Berichterstattung an Wellington vor der Schlacht von Ligny” (The Prussian Reporting to Wellington Prior to the Battle of Ligny), you can download it at (although this is labelled as “excerpts”, it is actually the entire article).

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