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The Waterloo Medal

I am researching the Waterloo Medal and am not able to determine the criteria for receiving it. I know which battles (Quatre Bras and Waterloo), but have some additional questions.

Did the individual have to have survive the battle to be eligible?

Supporting the argument that only survivors received it, is The Waterloo Medal Roll, published by the Naval and Military Press. In most cases, it only provides the names of the officers and men who were alive after the battle. However, occasionally, it will list an individual who had died and next to the name was a note saying that the medal had been given to friends.

Additionally, when the Army General Service Medal was awarded in 1846, only those soldiers who were alive at the time the medal was authorized, received the medal

However, the Army Gold Medals that were awarded after battles in the Peninsula and elsewhere, were awarded to commanders who had were killed at the battle.

Lesley Smuthwaite in his article "Glory is Priceless!: Awards to the British Army during the French Revolution and Napoleonic Wars" in The Road to Waterloo edited by Alan J. Guy. London: National Army Museum Publication, 1990. On page 172, he says that it was given ". . . to the next-of-kin of those who died in the battle."

I have checked the numerous books available on Google Books and they do not say who was eligible.

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