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Ens. Lord Hay, 1st Ft. Gds., K.

Killed at Quatre Bras. Had ridden and won a race at the Grammont Races on 13th June, and was dead on the 16th. Was acting as adjutant to Lord Saltoun. His horse, a fine thoroughbred, refused a fence, and tried to wheel round. As Lord Saltoun was passing down a path close by, a body fell across his horse's neck and rolled off. It was poor Hay, who had been picked off by a French cavalry skirmisher, who was, in his turn, shot dead by a Grenadier. James, Lord Hay, eldest son of William, 16th Earl of Errol, by his 2nd wife—Alicia, youngest dau. of Samuel Eliot, of the Island of Antigua — was born 7th July, 1797. In The History of the Grenadier Guards he is erroneously called " Lord James Hay." The latter officer, also in the 1st Guards, lived for many years afterwards."

From The Waterloo Roll Call by Charles Dalton, p 25.

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