Napoleon Series Archive 2009

Progrès du Pas-de-Calais

Any bright ideas out there how I might access the regional journal Progrès du Pas-de-Calais for 1843 and early 1844? Surfing Gallica, Google and the Internet Archive has so far produced no results, and I am not due to be in Paris with free time to delve into the bowels of the Bibliothèque Nationale for another few months.

I am seeking the issues with three articles on and at least two serials of Denis-Charles Parquin's Souvenirs et campagnes d'un vieux soldat de l'Empire, written while he was in prison at Doullens as a result of involvement in Louis-Napoléon's abortive coup in August 1940. A letter from Parquin in Carnets de la Sabretache 1893 reveals the journal ran a number of reviews and some of the contained material between publication in 1843 and the date of the letter in January 1844, and had announced a further serialization.

If anybody has any ideas how I can start narrowing my search down, I would be grateful to hear them.