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Waterloo Medal Roll

Naval and Military Press has published The Waterloo Medal Roll which is a very curious book. It is over 400 pages long and the front cover states that it is "Compiled from the Muster Rolls". It was first published by NMP in 1992. It is an amazing book because it lists by company, battalion, and regiment, thousands of names of British soldiers who fought in the Waterloo Campaign.

Unfortunately, their are some problems with it, besides misspelled names and incomplete data.

1. There is no author listed.
2. They state that the information is from Muster Rolls, but do not state the date of the Muster Rolls used.

Does anyone know:

1. Who compiled it?
2. When it was compiled?
3. Is it the same as the one in the PRO?
4. Is it the same as the one that used to be in the Royal Mint, but now is in the PRO/



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