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Hi Simon,

Italian regiments received their eagles. The Royal Guard Granatieri (i.e. Grenadiers) and Cacciatori (Chasseurs) had their eagle (french shape) in 1804 at the Camp de Boulogne. For the line regiment it was decided in a first time to give a Lion of St. Mark but it was soon decided to give eagles, that were made in Italy, slightly different from the 1804 french modelbut If I rember well the received the eagle in 1808. Light infantry had their eagle but as the French light infantry it was forbidden to carry the eagle in campaign. I posted in the previous years the reference for italian eagles with some photos of them (Mr. Brunon in Turin 1970) but I can't browse through my old posts in the forum and give you the link. As my documents are not at hands now, I will post in a few hours with more infos for you.

Best Regards

Fausto Berutti

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