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Hi Simon,

here is one italian eagle. It was made by Francesconi in Milan when the French eagle was made by Thomire. It is slightly different from the 1804 french model and it was given 1 per regiment in 1809 . Italian Guard Grenadiers and Chasseurs received their eagle at the Camp de Boulogne in 1804 and it was a French eagle. AFAIK one of the italian Guard eagles is in Turin at the Museo dell' artiglieria and it was given by General Lechi former commander of the Royal Guard.
The light infantry regiments had its eagle but the regiments didn't campaign with it and remained with the depot battalion (as the french light regiments did).
My source is Atti del 1 convegno collezionistii armi antiche Torino 5-9 maggio 1965, Mr Brunon speech "Aigles imperiales francaise et Aigles royales italiennes".

Best Regards

Fausto Berutti

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