Napoleon Series Archive 2009

Deteriorating Napoleonic Cannons in US Collections

Last summer my efforts along these lines produced no tangible results at Fort McNair, DC and the Washington Navy Yard. The only real progress I think I made then was to get the US Naval Academy to institute a funded cannon conservation program which runs parallel to their monument restoration efforts.

I was trying to do too much at once, so what I'm doing this year is to focus on the Washington Navy Yard, specifically the world-class collection of (largely) Napoleonic bronze trophy cannons in Leutze Park.

Step one of the renewed effort was to generate awareness of the issue. To do that, I've put a series of six videos on you-tube, featuring close-up video and descriptions of the cannons, highlighting the ongoing corrosion damage to these priceless artifacts.

If you know anyone who may be in a position to help motivate the Navy to fix this problem, please enlist their help. If they happen to be a US Navy admiral, active or retired, or a congressman or senator, they're an excellent candidate.

Here are links to the videos. I'm listing them in reverse order since I think most people would rate the the higher-numbered parts as more succinct and more interesting. Please pardon the narrator's voice, some have compared it to that of cartoon character Homer Simpson, or actor Wilfred Brimley; we make do with what's available.

Part 6

part 5

part 4

part 3

part 2

part 1