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Berthier diplomat ?

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Looking at the end of the 1809 campaign, more precisely to the cease-fire signed, on the 12th July, by Berthier and von Wimpffen alone, I was surprised - and maybe some colleagues here will also be - that Berthier could be authorized to negociate, on his own signature, such things that the cession of large austrian territories. In fact, this cease-fire is more a less an "avant-goût" of the future Schönbrunn Treaty, to be signed in october.

How Berthier was, in this occasion, working ? Did he received oral (but he was not with Napoleon) or written instructions ? Or did he negociate on his own ?

Do we have informations about this subject ?

Unfortunaly, he didn't left any Memoires for this period, AFAIK

Thanks in advance

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