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Prussian Veterans Receive their pay, 1806 *LINK*

Can any one provide a reference for the event that is commemorated by the medal in the link below?

The story I heard from the gentleman who gave me the medal was that Napoleon paused in Berlin during the pursuit of the Prussian army and one of the bits of business conducted was to insure that the Prussian veterans in Berlin continued to receive their pay despite the fact that their government was running away.

The medal (quite small at 18mm) was supposedly struck by the grateful vets shortly afterward. When the Prussian government reconstituted itself one of its actions was to acquire and destroy as many of the medals as they could. As a result it is quite rare and the one in the link is the finest example I've ever seen.

An interesting story except that I can't verify any of it. The gentleman who told me the story and gave me the medal had one of the finest collections in the world at the time has since passed away. I'd be very interested in anything folks could tell me that might pertain to this incident.


BTW, if you click on the pictures you'll get a larger picture.

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Prussian Veterans Receive their pay, 1806 *LINK*