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Westphalian Ordnance
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Dear Thomas
I will have a look at the Westphalian Militia when I return home next week.

I have drawn scale plans of the Hessen Kassel guns that were used by Westphalia. Certainly interesting their antecedents to the Prussian M1768 Ordnance. The later guns were modelled upon the AnXI system with differences.

The book on the Saxon Artiller 1740-1815 is doing a trial printing at two different printer to check the quality of the colour reproduction. Comments and corrections are always welcome as it is not finished. So there is time for the second edition.

I know that in a month or so Partizan Press are going to be publishing Talavera by Charles Grant that will have drawings of the Confederation of the Rhine taken from prints made by a german officer at the time in campaign dress from the Knotel collection. I am looking forward to seeing these.

I look forward from hearing from you.

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