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Re: Austrian Governor of Antwerp?

Two notes on the Belgian organization in 1814:

February 1814, 15.
Charles August of Saxe-Weimar and general Bülow formed the Provisional Government of Belgium (organized by the official commissaries baron Wollzogen and De Boyen).
General commissaries: earl of Lottum (Bruxelles military governor), M. Delius (Bruxelles civil governor).
General Governor for Belgium: comte de Beaufort
Council’s Members: comte Eugène de Robbiano in the place of Beaufort during his absence (ad interim); De Limpens ancient Brabant’s Chancellor, De Vieilleuse.
General Secretaries: De Pouderlé (for the military weapons and supply), baron De Crumpipen (finances), De Jonghe (Justice and Religion), De l’Ortye (secr. gen. of the Admin. Council of Belgium)
Antwerp, Oostende and Luxembourg were still occupied by French.
The Prov. Government named some Prefectures as Intendances with Belgian Directors.

At Antwerp (département des Deux-Nèthes) was named De Wargny (a former French collaborator) and not the old Marquis Van der Haeghen, who wanted that place.

March 1814, 1st.
Saxe-Weimar regiment entered Bruxelles.
March 1814, 13.
De Murray (belgian but austrian officer) named chief of the Belgian Legion.
March 1814, 20
Genearl Horst named new General Governor for Belgium
March 1814, 29
The French abandoned Gent (Gand). Press claimed for a Belgian Independance.
April 1814, 7
De Lottum (Belgian) replaced with baron Katte (a prussian officer)
May 1814, 4
Antwerp given to the Allies. General graf Hermann von Künigl (at the time) was General Commissioner for the Allied armies. He gave the permission to the British troops to occupy the town (gen. Cooke). General Künigl received the city-keys in the name of the Allied Sovereigns but was not a Governor.
May 1814, 6
Baron Vincent became new General Governor for Belgium in the place of Horst.
“L’empereur François m’envoie vers vous. Reconnaissez dans la nomination d’un governeur autrichien pour les provinces belgiques, une preuve de sa sollicitude pour vous et de l’indissoluble union des puissances alliées pour le salut d’Europe”.
May 1814, 8-15
Civil Councils of the following towns asked for the return under the austrian flags: Herve town in Limburg, district of eastern Flandres, circle districts of Oudenarde, Gent and Eecloo.
July 1814, 31
Baron Vincent substituted by Prince of Orange William Nassau as General Governor for Belgium (in Charge by Allies).

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