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After Leipzig, different semi military groups were trying to get the French out of the Southern Netherlands, but they failed due to the fact that there was no common leader.
After the crossing of the Rhine by Blucher at Kaub , the 3rd Prussian Army Corps under the command of the Duke of Saksen Weimar liberated the Southern Netherlands and entered Brussels on Februari 2, 1814.
Immediately after the occupation of Brussels Charles Albert Louis Alexander Henri Graaf van der Burch (who served under Louis XVI before the Revolution) was seen as the leading man in the Southern Netherlands as he asked the Duke of Saksen Weimar to raise a Regiment Chevau-Légers.
Meanwhile a provisional government was installed with as Governor General, the Duke of Beaufort, who was succeeded very soon by the Austrian lieutenant-general Baron von Vincent.
On March 16, 1814, the Allied Forces decided at the Wien Congress to united the Northern and the southern Netherlands (which was a foolish idea in my opinion - and history proved it in 1830 - not to talk about the plans of the Belgian king Leopold II to invade Holland during his reign, but those plans of Leopold II were stopped by Napoleon III - another sign how history can be interesting - the invasion of Holland would have been a piece of cake by the Belgian Army)

I don't find any trace of an Austrian general being governor of Antwerp in 1814, even not a name of a governor for Antwerp alone between the last French prefect of the Department of the two Netes (Baron Jacques Fortunat de Savoye-Rollin (1813-1814) and the first governor of the province of Antwerp during the United Kingdom of the Netherlands, Charles–Louis van Keverberg van Kessel (1815-1817)

So the results of my search lies in the line of the results of Enrico

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Austrian Governor of Antwerp?
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Re: Austrian Governor of Antwerp?
Re: Austrian Governor of Antwerp?
Karl Freiherr von der Horst, 1780-1861.
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Re: Austrian Governor of Antwerp?
Re: Austrian Governor of Antwerp?