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Museum curators/conservators-outdoor bronze damage

Here are many photos of fine bronze trophy cannons which have been stored outdoors. Many of the photos are extreme close-ups, which show what has happened to the bronze as a result of exposure to the elements over time. These cannons were all, or mostly all, painted black, probably the last coat of paint was applied during WWII, then they were left unpainted and the paint has gradually worn off and corrosion has set in. At least a few of the cannons are unique survivors of their type worldwide, and unfortunately they continue to corrode, and their markings are disappearing. I've supplied all of my videos to the US Navy, and I'm about to send them a disc with all of these photos on it. The first photo in each slideshow is the one I took in August 1980 when I began watching the deterioration of these fine weapons.

Navy cat. no./ URL of slideshow/ Nationality/Caliber/Name

61-84-O Spanish 12-pounder "EL TORO"

61-84-AG Spanish 4(?)-pounder "GENEROSO"

61-84-J Spanish 24-pounder "CAMILLO"

61-84-AM US Army 24-pounder field howitzer

61-84-BC Japanese 36-pounder

61-84-AH Spanish 8-pounder "EL GALGO"

61-84-EK Spanish 4.75-inch rifle "ALEATOR"

61-84-AI Spanish 8-pounder "CAMBERNON"

61-84-AB unknown 4-pounder

61-84-EQ Spanish 12-pounder "EL TOSICO"

61-84-Q French 12-pounder "LE VIGOUREUX"

61-84-L Spanish 24-pounder "CORZO"

The Navy's webpage with descriptions and photos of all 26 bronze guns in Leutze Park is here:

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