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Re: Commanders of the Royal Artillery in Peninsula


The Commander, Royal Artillery (CRA) and the organization during the Peninsular War are interesting subjects. Essentially, there was the CRA and a number of field grade officers who accompanied the field army and could be assigned to various duties such as sieges or the reserve artillery, superintend the Horse Artillery, etc.

See Major John H. Leslie's work for details, only until 1810 or 1811, I think?

The services of the Royal Regiment of Artillery in the Peninsular War, 1808 to 1814
Hugh Rees, 1908

This link should bring you to the book

Kane has a list of commanders for various battles starting page 142.

Michael Glover, The Peninsular War 1807-1814 : A Concise Military History:

CRA with the field army.

August 1808 LCol William Robe

August 1808-January 1809 Col John Harding

April 1809- July 1811 Brigadier General Edward Howorth

July-December 1811 LCol Hoylett Framingham

December 1811 - March 1812 Major General William Borthwick

March - August 1812 LCol Hoylett Framingham

August - October 1812 LCol William Robe

October - December 1812 LCol Charles Waller

December 1812- May 1813 LCol George Fisher

May 1813- April 1814 LCol Alexander Dickson

William Robe only commanded the artillery with Arthur Wellesley's corps. John Harding commanded the artillery with Dalrymple's and then Moore's army. Robe remained in Portugal commanding the artillery there.

Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Dickson, Portuguese Army, commanded the artillery with the field army as senior Allied officer. Charles Waller was the senior British Officer, but was ordered to remain in Lisbon. Dickson was never the CRA of the British Royal Artillery as he was only a regimental captain RA.

Later, artillery field officers were assigned to command two or more troops or brigades serving with the divisions, but this appears to be more administrative than necessarily functional.


Augustus Frazer and Charles Waller.

Hope this helps.

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