Napoleon Series Archive 2009

Mont-Saint-Jean Farm to be restored - at last ? *LINK* *PIC*

Everyone interested in the battle of Waterloo knows the famous Mont-Saint-Jean farm, where a field hospital was located during and after the battle, and where hundreds of wounded soldiers of both sides were taken care of and where many of them died.

At the end of the seventies, the pigeon house above the archway collapsed through the action of a light earthquake (or maybe because of the traffic?) and since then, the whole historic building is completely defaced.

If everything goes according to plan, this pitiful sight might soon only be a bad memory. Indeed, there is are currently in front of the building an advertisement concerning a request for the restoration of the archway, the pigeon house and the stables of the Mont-Saint-Jean farm. This document dates from February 2009.

There are also some rumours - but they might be just rumours- that the Gordon monument - also in a bad shape- might soon be restored.

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