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Dupin's British Napoleonic Ordnance Published *LINK*

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Just for information. Comments welcome.

Dupin's British Napoleonic Ordnance has now been published with 56 plates that have been restored. I have written a preface on Charles Dupin and the Dupin Family. The scale plans drawn by Charles Dupin in c1816 as a spy who travelled around Britain looking at miitary establishments shows the British Ordnance at the end of the Napoleonic period. This is unique as this is the only book that I know that shows contemporary scale plans of the ordance. The only exception are various illustrations from RA Notebooks [See MacConnel (1988) and those redrawn in DDS (2007)] .

They were originally published separately in the Atlas Force Militaire Atlas a series of plates which are re-presented as 56 detailed scale plates, each placed in the text at the required position to give the finished book the maximum value to the modern day researcher.

This is Volume 2 of the translation of Dupin (1820) Force Militaire [I am trying to persuade the publisher to do Volume 1 but he specialised in Ordnance and Fortifications. Volume 1 is concerned with the organisation of the British Army and Board of Ordnance.
Book VII: Punishment & discipline (48) + 1 plate
Book VIII: Military Schools (83), + 1 plate
Book IX Small Arms (70), + 3 plates
Book X Ordnance (74), + 24 plates on field [including the illusive block trail howitzer] and 12 plates on siege ordnance
Book XI Parks & Arsenal ( Chatham, Portsmouth & Woolwich) (47) + 8 plates
Book XII Royal Engineers (43) + 7 plates

Bound in dark blue “Balacrome” material with gold leaf lettering, & Napoleonic badge on cover. Price £ 45.00. weight 1200 gms.

It is available through DP&G Military Publishers, Doncaster

If you would like further details please contact me.

PL Dawson and S Summerfield (2008) French Artillery of 1824 - Volume 1 Gribeauval, AnXI System and Drill Manual, DP&G is now going through its second impression. Still £50.00.

I am told that the price will be increased of all the books in August.


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