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French Remount Horses 1806

I am still working through my copious notes of General Bourciers files.

I have got to 1806. I have come across a bit of a predicament.

Elting (Swords p315) states in 1806 large captures were made of Prussian, Hessian and Saxon horses. However, Bourciers notes implies somthing rather different.
He states 18,500 or so horses were captured off the Prussians, BUT only 7,000 ever made it to the remount depots, forcing the army to purchase 11,000 horses to make up to the huge wastage of horses in getting them to the remount depots. to my understanding therefore, the Dragoons and other dismounted troops, were not remounted using captured Prussian horses.

Can any one shed further light upon this?

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French Remount Horses 1806
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