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Best video of the 1809 campaign season *LINK*

Well as you all know the 1809 campaign season is drawing to a close and bearing in mind, the scale of the conflict
this year from Portugal, to Spain then over to Holland for the Walcheren expedition and then on through Bavaria,
the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Austria for Napoleon's Wagram campaign.
The sheer scale of this years campaign's have been trully mind boggling.

As usual theirs been an army of camp follower camaramen, accompanying the troops and I feel the time is right
to select my favourite, for the best choreographed and evocative video
of the lot. Its called 'Napoleon 1809 - 2009' and was shot in the
Czech Republic, just as the Danube campaign was drawing to a close.

My only criticism of camcorder re-enactors is, Please keep them off the
battlefield and wherever possible, hidden from view.

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Best video of the 1809 campaign season *LINK*