Napoleon Series Archive 2014

Confr-Cork, Ireland, Europe & the Sea

A Safe Place for Ships": Cork, Ireland, Europe & the Sea

Univ. of Cork, Nov. 28 & 29

A fascinating conference on the maritime history of Cork will be held in UCC over two days starting on Friday 28th November. Admission is free and no registration is required, so this is a marvellous opportunity to hear speakerts of the calibre of Prof Eric Grove (Liverpool Hope Univ.), Prof Donnchadh Ó Corráin (UCC), Prof Michela D’Angelo (Univ. of Messina), Dr Simon Mercieca (Univ. of Malta), Prof Claire Connolly (UCC), Prof Jürgen Elvert (Univ. of Cologne), Dr Connie Kelleher (Nat. Monuments Service/UCC) and many more.

The venue for the conference is the Electrical Engineering building, L-1, on the main campus of UCC and topics will include the Vikings, piracy, the Spanish Armada, international trade, the Napoleonic War at sea, island nations, emigration, port cities, the Lusitania, WWI submarine warfare and more.

Ireland is an island nation, with a rich maritime heritage. This conference will explore its sea-going past and culture, along with that of its European neighbours.

The event is being organised by Dr Hiram Morgan ( and Dr John Borgonovo ( from the School of History, University College Cork, and is being funded by the Irish Research Council’s New Foundation Scheme.