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many thanks ! All the lines are written by the same hand, but between the first and the other lines there is a certain gap.

So probably Kalchbrenner bougt or got this manuscript in Badacsonyi (does the suffix "ba" have a meaning in Hungarian ?), and in 1839 dedicated it in Krems to a friend.

"Ferengtöl" could also be "Ferencztöl" - does this give a meaning ? Is there a suffix "töl" ? Ferenc would be the hungarianized form of Franz.

In 1839, Franz Kalchbrenner and count Gustav Enzenberg were both Unterlieutenant in the k. k. 60. (Hungarian) infantry Regiment, whose staff was placed in Krems:

In 1862, count Karl von Enzenberg (brother or son of Gustav ?) gave the manuscript as a gift to the prince of Thur und Taxis.


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