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French officer ranks

Good day gentlemen
I'm having a bit trouble with the official French officer ranks at the time of Napoleon, so far my list is this:
général de division
général de brigade
chef de bataillon (infantry), of chef d'escadron (cavalry and artillery).

Now did I miss any rank?
Than, what about higher ranks above général de division, I think of "General de Corps d'armee", "General en chef" & "Maréchal d'Empire" but when I'm correct these were titles and not official ranks within the army.
If that is true was "General de Corps d'armee" & "General en chef only used temporary if the officer was in command of a corps or army and the officer lost it as soon as he left that position?
And was "Maréchal d'Empire" also connected to any specific position within the army or was it simply used has honorary title?


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