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Re: Aides-de-Camp de l'Empereur.

Sorry for the delay. I had trouble locating your post - old age, eh. <;^}

Józef Bonawentura Załuski became an флигель-адъютант to Александре I on 24.ii.1816 (os):

"Aides-de-Camp de l'Empereur" [Russian Флигель-адъюта́нт; German Flügeladjutant]. Note the collar, aiguillette and epaulettes:

"Aides-de-Camp de l'Empereur" (1816) by Ludwig Carl von Kiel (1790 - 1851).

Ludwig Karl von Kiel. Russian name: Лев Ива́нович Киль [Lev Ivanovich Kil']

List of plates from this set (in Russian but plate titles are in French):

Plates can be seen here, they were published in St Petersburg from 1815 to 1820:

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