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Some information from the Russian URL and further investigations:

Louise Grafemus, born Esther Manuel: also Louise KESSENICH-GRAFEMUS (1786-1852) . She married a Lutheran Grafemusa (Grafemus), who lived in the city of Fulda. Louise later married the famous Riga bookbinder Johann Cornelius Kesseniha (Kessenich) (1788-1868) (a native of Cologne) opened at the Peterhof road "Red zucchini" and held in St. Petersburg in winter a popular dance class, widely visited more than once referred to in the literature. In the 40s of the XIX century of Louise Kessenikh spoke again. Now - as the owner of the capital of entertainment establishments. The restaurant "Красный кабачок " [Red zucchini] was on the 7th verst of the Peterhof road and was named for the river reds, housed in a house built in the early XVIII century for the rest of Tsar Peter I on the way in Strelna Peterhof.

Prussian uniform on cup: second Königsberg Lancers militia [Königsberger 2. Landwehr-Ulanen-Regiment] under the command of Major Hermann/Herman. Campaign of 1813-1814, first as a volunteer and then as a sergeant. Near Jüterbog she was wounded in the leg, at Metz wounded in the chest. Participated in 1814 campaign through Holland in the army corps of General Count von Bülow von Dennewitz and was awarded the Iron Cross.

"In one of the skirmishes with the French she managed to capture officer and six soldiers. For this feat, she was awarded the Iron Cross"

Her husband left his family and in 1809 went to Russia; where he volunteered in the Russian Lancers. On March 29, 1814, when the allied Russian and Prussian troops entered Paris, in a passing convoy Louise saw her husband. But the joy was short-lived. The next day, at the storming of Montmartre sergeant Russian Lancers Guards was killed by grapeshot.

Vossischen Zeitung December 9, 1815, published an article with the intriguing title" The Woman Warrior ".

"Russian Invalid" [Русский инвалид] article on 25 January (February 6), 1815 which was retold in Berlin newspaper on January 13, 1815 "Louise-Manu, or woman-lancers" .But: Petersburg newspaper "Russian Invalid" in 1815 in the article "Luisa Manu, or woman-lancers". [25 January (February 6), 1815 (№ 4)]

Tomb Louise Kessenikh at the Volkov Lutheran cemetery in St. Petersburg.

For your viewing pleasure:

"Ein weiblicher Krieger aus der Zeit der Befreiungskriege":

Aus der Zeit der deutschen Befreiungskriege 1813-1815 by Moritz Stern (1864-1939). Vol. 2 (1935): Luise Grasemus. 240X160mm; 29 p.
If required, I can make a copy of this volume for you.

"Der Anteil der jüdischen Freiwilligen an dem Befreiungskriege 1813 und 1814" by Martin Philippson, Monatsschrift für Geschichte und Wissenschaft des Judenthums, Jahrg. 50 (N. F. 14), H. 1/2 (Januar/Februar 1906),, pp. 1-21:

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