Napoleon Series Archive 2014

Dotations paid from Westphalia etc.

I just found this document in my records - downloaded from Google books or Gallica

Etat des donataires totalement dépossédés, qui ont droit à l'indemnité fixée par la loi proposée aux Chambres, en 1821

It lists the dotations that were granted under the Empire and had been lost.

There are several classes but just looking at the top class, dotations of 5,000 fr or over, (an interesting list in itself) I see that the bulk of the dotations came from Swedish Pomerania, Westphalia and Hanover (also Galicia, Illyria, Rome and a few others).

Totals, for this class only (give or take a few K):

Swedish Pomerania 250,000fr
Westphalia 2,492,000fr
Hanover 914,000frk

I presume these were yearly payments.
It adds up to quite a lot.

Top earners, by the way (totals from several countries)

Champagny 100,000
Fouche (fils) 100,000
Lemarois gen 100,000
Ornano gen 100,000
Maret 180,000
Sebastiani gen 180,000
Lebrun 200,000

Winner by several lengths: Lannes (fils) 327,820,000