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Re: The Prince of Reuss (Fürst von Reuß).

Heinrich XV. Fürst zu Reuß-Plauen, 1751-1825: Feldzeugmeister: 18.05.1809:

"... I have besides requested of the Emperor of Austria to permit that the corps commanded by the Austrian General Reuss at Lemberg should effect a movement ..."

" * The Prince of Reuss was also found among the killed."

"A curious custom prevails in the house of Reuss. The male members of both branches of the family all bear the name of Henry (Heinrich), the individuals being distinguished by numbers. In the elder line, according to an arrangement made in 1701, the enumeration continues until the number one hundred is reached when it begins again. In the younger line the first prince born in a new century is numbered 1., and the numbers follow on until the end of the century when they begin again. Thus Henry XIV. of Reuss younger line, who was born in 1832, was the son of Henry LXVII. (1789—1867), the former being the 14th prince born in the 19th century, and the latter the 67th prince born in the 18th."

"Se. Durchlaucht der Fürst von Reuß-Greitz.

.Se. Durchlaucht der Fürst von Reuß-Schleitz.

.Se. Durchlaucht der Fürst von Reuß-Lobenstein-Lobenstein. '

.Se. Durchlaucht der Fürst von Reuß-Lobcnsicin-Ebersdorf."

"Kulm bei Töplitz. ...
Der Fürst Reuß, französischer General, blieb auf dem Schlachtfelde. ..." (which is p. 86!)

"Hier verlor der Fürst Reuss durch eine Kanonenkugel das Leben."

"Heinrich LXl Reuß zu Köstritz[, 1784-1813]: Died August 29, 1813 in Kulm, Böhmen, Österreich.

Son of Heinch XLlll Reuß zu Köstritz, Graf und Fürst and Luise Christine Reuß zu Ebersdorf, Gräfin und Fürstin Reuß zu Köstritz Brother of Caroline Juliane Friederike Auguste Reuß zu Köstritz, Prinzessin; Heinrich LlX Reuß zu Köstritz, Prinz; Heinrich LXlV Reuß zu Köstritz, Fürst, and Franziska Reuß zu Köstritz, Prinzessin, Fürstin Reuß zu Lobenstein.":

Schlacht bei Kulm

I will keep working on your question as time permits.

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