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Re: Nösselt.


However, these are not

2913. Nösselt, F. A., Geschichte des Feldzugs in Schlesien im Jahr 1813. 8°. Breslau, 1817.

which is a slim tome of XX, 308 S and "Mit 1 Karte und 2 Plänen".

Confusing the whole mix are the 4 vol. Richter sets listed as a 2nd and 3rd edition, of the 1830s and 1840s, which are true histories, in the sense that they have a flow from beginning to end.

Thank you for your efforts for these 4 volumes (the one starting as vol. 3 is bound with vol. 4. They all seem to cover 1813 even though the title says otherwise. Ain't life grand? <;^}

You, sir, are a man of action.


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