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Danish Army of the Napoleonic Wars.

"Danish Army of the Napoleonic Wars" by Peter Anderson:

Part 1: Introduction:

Part 2: Line Infantry #1:

Part 3 Line Infantry Part 2:

Part 4: Light Infantry:

Part 5: Liv and Guard Infantry:

Part 6: Light Cavalry:

Part 7: Heavy Cavalry:

Part 8: Artillery:

Part 9: Generals and Staff:

Part 10: Flags and Standards:

"Denmark's role in the 1813 Campaign":

Originally published in issues of:

"I had written a similar article for the original NEWA Courier back in 1973 (!), but it wasn't actually published until 1977, and that was in the short lived magazine "Little Wars", published by TSR (they inherited the Courier's library of unpublished submissions).

This version will be updated with the new information I have collected since then. This is not an easy army to get detailed and complete information on, and I am fortunate to have access to a number of sources that are not easy to come by. Of course, any corrections or additions are most welcome, especially by anyone in Denmark who might have access to additional information only available in Danish.

I hope you find the series of interest; it will include detailed information on organization, uniforms, and standards, probably spread over 9 10 posts and several months.

Peter [Anderson]"

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"The Norwegian Army of The Napoleonic Wars - 1808":

"The Norwegian Army - 1814":