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1. ptie. État-major général, de 1815 à 1900 -- 2. ptie. Maison du roi, 1814-1830. Garde royale, 1815-1830 -- 3. ptie. Infanterie, 1791-1815. Infanterie, 1815-1900 -- 4. ptie. Cavalerie, 1791-1815. Cavalerie, 1815 à nos jours.

"Issued in 41[?] numbered fascicles between 1909 and 1913, with each fascicle including eight pages of text and three leaves of plates (the sections from the various parts were not issued in sequential order). Publication details for the range of dates of publication, and for the statement of extent for individual parts and the total number of pages and plates, are unclear. Some of the illustrations are by Pierre Benigni, 1878-1956. The back covers have publisher's advertisements"

Pierre Benigni:

For a nice selection of his work, see:

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