Napoleon Series Archive 2015


Happy New Year to everybody.

Regarding the Subject I have a doubt concerning the pattern of the Uniform worn by Royal Engineers during Peninsular War untill 1812. In fact, the uniform is described as:

The coat was was of conventional military cut but of blue cloth faced with black velvet. Yellow metal buttons appeared on the front and in four on the cuffs and false pockets. There was no lace and the turnbacks were white. Overall trousers wears probably worn in the field as well as the regulaton white breeches and Hessian boots. The conventional rank epaulettes in gold lace, and the officer's crimson sash, were worn with this coat. The sword was splung in a frog on a crossbelt, the gilt plate bearing the crowned Royal Cypher. The hat was worn with a white Ordnance plume, in the fore-and-aft position.
My questions are:

- Yellow metal buttons of the uniform without any inscription, just plane metal buttons ?
- Is the white colour real white or is it like in Spanish army of the period, ecru colour ?
- Were the white breeches in the British Army made with wool cloth as well or were made in cotton?
- Do the conventional rank epaulettes have got any other detailled surmounted on it to distinguish the Corps or rank?
- What is the length of the Ordnance plume at that time ?
- Do you know the pattern of the false pockets before 1812 ?

Thanks in advance.