Napoleon Series Archive 2015

Exhibit: Wordsworth, War & Waterloo

Wordsworth, War & Waterloo
16 March to 1 November 2015
Wordsworth Museum, Grasmere, Cumbria,

To mark the bicentenary of the Battle of Waterloo, the Wordsworth Trust is staging the first-ever exhibition to present William Wordsworth and other writers of the Romantic period as ‘war poets’. Wordsworth, War & Waterloo will display hand-written manuscripts of William Wordsworth’s war poetry alongside stunning pictures, satirical cartoons and fascinating physical objects from the conflict which pitted Britain and her allies against France. These include a cannon from Nelson’s flagship, cannonballs from the Battle of Salamanca, weapons and costumes. There will also be a gruesome collection of teeth. At the time, these were called 'Waterloo Teeth', and no doubt many were taken from the battlefield itself but we cannot state that the ones on display were from this source. 'Waterloo Teeth became the generic term for teeth taken from corpses and used to make false teeth for the wealthy.