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Arkadi Suvorov, 1784-1811.
Arkadi Suvorov, 1809.
Aleksandr Vassiljevitš Suvorov.

"In the fates of people there are striking similarities, which are difficult to explain the ordinary accident. The son of the great commander Suvorov drowned in the river, which made his father and, accordingly, Arcadia, Earl Rymniksky. Where the father began blossoming of military glory, for his son ended career.

Arkady Suvorov was born Aug. 4, 1784, when his father was intensely 1,111,112. seek divorce 11,111,113. , Blaming, and not without reason, his wife Varvara in adultery. The commander, outright "loser" Battle at the family front, believed that the boy was born was not his son, and the fruit of the stormy love affair with the wife's second major-IV Syrohnevym. So the son did not concede and he originally brought up by his mother, who settled in Moscow.

Chances are good that the general was wrong, one has only to look at the portrait of Arcadia and read the memoirs of contemporaries about his character and actions. Too too many similarities, which subsequently admitted and Alexander, closer to his son and making him the official heir.

The boy was brought up short with his mother, at the insistence of his father, he was identified in seven of its 1,111,114. sisters Natalia [/url] Married to Nicholas Zubov, brother favorite of the Empress Catherine II. His childhood was normal for children of nobles of the time, which often grow up with no father and mother, and in the families of brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles. Sister genuinely cared about Arcadia, indulged his hobbies and forgave pranks. But a good education, especially the military, he has not received. With him were engaged tutors, and tutors, to life in the light, he was fully prepared. Mentors from the number of officers in the low rank, which leave him to his father, truly prepare him for an officer's service could not, he had to grasp the science of war is wearing epaulettes.

The absence of his father's influence on the upbringing of his son affected permanently. Arcade, like a father having an explosive character, strong will and physical strength, did not possess his father's personal integrity and commitment, like orgies and a card game. Behind him constantly stretched gambling debts, which is extremely distressed father, repeatedly told his son: "I do not mean poor live, and next should be.

Fate of children Generalissimo AV Suvorov? Son Arkady Arkady A. Suvorov first long meeting with his son happened Suvorov only in the summer of 1797, when the Countess Natalia Zubov made by Emperor Paul I's permission to travel to the disgraced father of Konchanskoye. With it came a whole suite. In addition to his son, named after his grandfather, Alexander, and brother, her cousin came Eupraxia Raevskaya that Suvorov was going to marry a friend of the officer and educator Arcadia - Major Zion with his wife.

Basic information about the life of Suvorov in Konchanskoye contained in the weekly report about disgraced field-marshal, who headed the local authorities, Attorney General Kurakin. They reported Arcadia and his dealings with his father almost no mention, as the child spies obviously not interested.

Fate of children Generalissimo AV Suvorov? Son Arkady I. Kreytsinger. Last lifetime portrait AV Suvorov. 1799 Apparently, this meeting there was a significant convergence of a father and son, as Alexander was more interested in teaching and training Arcadia, began to give him instructions, compiled in Suvorov's true spirit: "Arcadia - piety, good conduct, valor, an aversion to ambiguities , Enigma, phrase, moderation, patience, constancy. Suvorov changed the teacher's son, appointing instead of Sion, who turned dishonest, Ivan Dementievich Kanishcheva, who had served under his command. Rewrote the will, which left his son all his clan and complained to the naming service, house in Moscow and complained of jewelry. For the same daughter was meant for, and jewels, which were Suvorov at different times bought. Curiously, Suvorov has probate emperor, perhaps it was due to the fact that Marshal walked in the document's wife, with whom he lived separately, but the divorce was not involved.

It is worth noting that the opal Suvorov did not affect the respect of Paul I to his family. Even during the reign of Catherine II Arcade was enrolled in the Guard and was appointed chamberlain to the Grand Duke Konstantin Pavlovich. With the new emperor youth in 14 years was granted to the chamberlains.

Next a long meeting with the commander's son took place during the Italian campaign, when Suvorov commanded the combined forces of the Allies in the war with France. Fifteen Arkady arrived at the theater in the suite of the Grand Duke Constantine. Of course, then the shelves in the attack Arkady did not take, but the smell of gunpowder he had. It was after this for it really started his military career.

Certainly affect the authority of his father's name, but he was young Suvorov nebestalannym. For 27 years he was a lieutenant general, commanded a division, enjoyed great prestige and love in the army. Arcadia distinguished follow the precepts of his father and a sincere concern for the soldiers. He promised the brilliant military career, but fate decreed otherwise, interrupting his life in the turbulent river, where he rushed to rescue a drowning soldier, his former driver. Agree that for the general early nineteenth century, such an act is not typical. By this time he was married to Elizabeth Alexandrovna Naryshkina and had two sons, who later also chose a military career.

The eldest son of Arkady Suvorov, traditionally named after his grandfather, Alexander, was born June 1, 1804. The boy received an excellent education, he knew several European languages, attended classes at the Sorbonne and the University of Gttingen. Since 1824 began serving a cadet in the Guards Horse Regiment. All of his subsequent life was devoted to military service. Alexander A. became adjutant-general, General of Infantry, Inspector General Corps of the Russian Army, a member of the State Council and Military Governor General of St. Petersburg. Alexander A. had a son Arkady, who died in 1893. With his death the princely family Suvorovs broke in a man's generation.

Konstantin A. Suvorov, who was born November 10, 1809, originally chose a military career. He became a colonel and received the court title chamberlain. But later chose military service quiet life. Had no children."

His son: Alexander Arkadyevich Suvorov, 1804-1882:

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