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Kompaniefahnen, handschriftliche Ergänzungen etc

Those regulations digitalized have handwritten changes, ammendments etc.
The plate volume - as usual - some of the plates are only partially visible and not fully drawn out.
According the the regimental histories - the Schützen deployment and use of them almost remaind unchanged till about 1870, so usefull details can be glances how they may have operated in the Napoleonic wars.

I am looking after the Kompaniefahnen - and if they were placed as Jalonneurs at the flanks of the companies or battalion. I could only find that the Kompaniefahnen existed and that in case the battalion colour was not with the battalion - a substitude colour which was larger than the company colours should have been worn.

I cannot find anything - though about the company colour - like who did carry them and where they were placed in the battalion.

In case any of the esteemed readers has the nerv to wade through typical drill regulation text - and finds a hind about those, please let me know

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Kompaniefahnen, handschriftliche Ergänzungen etc