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1806-1807 Militia battalion 'Standard'.

1806-1807 Militia battalion 'Standard':

"2563. Flag for Mobile Militia battalions, 1807": Lower illustration.

Again, from Mark Conrad's excellent translation, Vol. XVIII:


I) Flags of the 1807 Rural Host.

In 1807 flags were prepared for battalions of the Mobile or Serving militia, but due to the quickly concluded peace treaty with France, they were not issued to the battalions. They had a cross in the center and the inscription “For Faith and Fatherland” [”Za Veru i Otechestvo”]. Some of these flags were white with raspberry cross and inscription, others were raspberry of a more or less dark shade, with white, yellow, orange, sky-blue, and green crosses, and white letters. On the field of the flag, at three edges, was sewn silver or white fringe, and to the top of the pole (of no specified color) was affixed a brass outline of spearhead with a cross in the center (Illus. 2563) (104). It is not known for which militia battalions these flags were intended, nor in what numbers for each.
(104) Several such flags that came from the Tiraspol Fortress, preserved in the Kiev Arsenal.

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1806-1807 Militia battalion 'Standard'.