Napoleon Series Archive 2015

French revolutionary war infantry standards *PIC*

I have been trying for a couple of days on the internet including French sites to find what I need with no avail. My goal is to find an illustration of a standard/flag/porte-drapeau from a French revolutionary war infantry regiment or battalion. Here are the qualifications:

1. Must have participated in combat during Napoleon's first or second Italian campaigns or against Austria in the War of the First Coalition.
2. The size of the flag should be close to the size of the 1st Empire flags. I am not looking for the large battle flags of the size from the 7 years war. Maybe something like a tricolor with words like Valeur & discipline etc. Are battalion flags the same or smaller or different than regiment?
3. The soldiers of the regiment/battalion wear casque a chenille
4. The uniform color should be blue see
5. I think that regiments 79-92 should meet this requirement but I can't find the flag.
6. It is possible that none of the standards qualify. Smaller size is a must. I could live with a bicorne.

Any help that you can give me with this will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

PS: an illustration of the uniform would be a bonus.