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also in colour and erdgrau
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In case you go gor the "Bavarian" google scan for the 1796 ones, you will even find colour plates about several units, like Generalquartiermeister stab etc.

In my view those plates are a part of the original Almanach, seemingly not for every year but for some.
I stumbled across - in one of the "Bavarian" google scans - of a half drawn out plate and just looked then im Kramerius and lucky me.

I am quite positive that some of those were coloured as well. As you know the Almanach exists in pure black and white (where the colours of the Adjustierung and the buttons are not filled) and in colour, where the title piece and also the facing colours etc. are coloured with water colour, see the Kramerius scans, distored due to scanning, but still - it existed.

I am quite positive that also from those black and white prints - coloured versions are available, I did see those published in other periodicals, but couldn't trace the origin, now I am able to, I will send some to you, so you can compare.

Also - very interesting to that, those plates were used also as reference for other uniform plates, some to be found in the ASK - I am sending those as well, very interesting the difference (In colour) between the Almanch and the plate in colour (particular my favourite about Bamberg infantry and artillery)

And - ever so ignored as well, the coat colour for artillery is not rehfarben till about 1797 but erdgrau which very well confirms the more grey uniform coats of earlier Austrian artillery.

In the end - it is all a search and rescue mission - and pure luck

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also in colour and erdgrau
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