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The French Held Fortresses in 1814: A Beginning.

The French Held Fortresses in 1814: A Beginning: I have put together a bunch of stuff for an overview. It is hoped that others may have more info to contribute. I will continue with my search.

"The Duke de Tarente had garrisoned the fortresses of Wesel, Juliers, Maestricht, and Vauloo, when he abandoned the Lower Meuse, to fall back upon Ardennes. On the 18th of January the Duke was at Namur in person, and Napoleon despatched courier after courier, to direct him to hasten his march on Chalons." From Fain.

Wesel: Wesel, with its garrison of 10,000 men, long blockaded by Borstel's Prussians, was evacuated on the 10th of May [1814].


- Chroniek van Maastricht: van het jaar 70 na Chr. tot 1870 met bijvoegsels, verbeteringen en geschiedkundige inleiding (1915) by Auguste Jean Antoine Flament, 1856-1925. 183 blz:

Vauloo [Venloo/Venlo]: "Russische en Pruisische troepen": See: pp. 201-204.

"Algemeen overzicht van de grondvesting van het Nederlandsch bestuur in de provincie Limburg in de jaren 1814 en 1815" / door H. Dyserinck, in Historisch gedenkboek der herstelling van Neęrlands onafhankelijkheid in 1813, Vol. 4 (1913), -Pag. 563-621:

Fort Sint-Michiel at Venlo in 1810.

Rivierenkaart omgeving Venlo circa 1850 met de vestingwerken: [Collectie Koninklijke Militaire Academie Breda]

1710 - Fort St.Michiel / De Staay: Shows the relationship between both fortresses.


Wittenberg was carried by assault on the 15th of January.

the citadel of Wurzburg, long closely blockaded, yielded on the 21st of March.

Custrin, with 3000, on the 30th of March.

The citadel of Erfurth held out till May.

Magdeburg, the garrison of which had been swelled by stragglers to 18,000 men, was not evacuated till the 19th [May].