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*Forces with Benigsen's 2nd Army 1815*

I have highlighted in yellow the units in the 2nd Army of Bennigsen in 1815.

11 May 1813– Two divisions were formed from the Guards infantry force, with the following organization:

1st Guards Infantry Division:
1st Brigade — Life-Gds.Preobrazhenskii and L.-Gds. Semenovskii regiments.
2nd —— — Life-Gds.Izmailovskii and L.-Gds. Jäger regiments, and Guards Équipage.

2nd Guards Infantry Division:
1st Brigade — Life-Gds.Lithuania and L.-Gds. Grenadier regiments.
2nd —— — Life-Gds.Pavlovsk and L.-Gds. Finland regiments, and L.-Gds. Sapper Battalion (472).

13 April 1813– With the division of the Guard into Old and New, or Young, the Guards Artillery companies were assigned to the first of these (509).

21 October 1813– Three more Guards Artillery companies were formed: 1 Battery, 1 Light, and 1 Horse (510).

19 August 1814– The last of these companies was joined to the L.-Gds. Horse Artillery, which afterwards was ordered to consist of three companies: a Battery and two Light (511).

7 October 1814– The Kexholm Grenadier Regiment was titled the Grenaderskii Ego Velichestva Imperatora Avstriiskago polk [His Majesty the Emperor of Austria’s Grenadier Regiment], and the St.-Petersburg Grenadiers—the Grenaderskii Ego Velichestva Korolya Prusskago polk [His Majesty the King of Prussia’s Grenadier Regiment]. With this renaming of regiments in the Grenadier Corps, there was a new organization as follows:

1st Grenadier Division, 1st Brigade — His Majesty the Emperor of Austria’s and His Majesty the King of Prussia’s Grenadiers.
2nd —— — Graf Arakcheev’s and Pernau Grenadiers.
3rd —— — 1st and 3rd Grenadier Jägers.

2nd ———— ——— 1st—— — Kiev and Taurica Grenadiers.
2nd —— — Yekaterinoslavl and Moscow Grenadiers.
3rd —— — 8th and 14th Grenadier Jägers.

3rd ———— ——— 1st—— — Siberia and Little Russia Grenadiers.
2nd —— — Phanagoria and Astrakhan Grenadiers.
3rd —— — 26th and 29th Grenadier Jägers (63).

29 August 1814– The Guards Cavalry Division received the name of Light Guards Cavalry Division, divided into two brigades as before. In the 1st Brigade were the Dragoon and Lancer regiments, and in the 2nd—the Hussar, Horse-Jäger, and Cossack regiments, and the Black Sea and Ural sotnias. The Chevalier Guards, Horse, and HIS MAJESTY’S Cuirassier regiments, along with HER MAJESTY’S Life-Cuirassier Regiment and the 1st Lancer Division, made up the 1st Reserve Cavalry Corps [1-i Rezervnyi Kavaleriiskii Korpus], which was assigned to the Guards Corps (497).

28 October 1814– With the division of the forces into two Armies, the 1st and the 2nd, they were assigned the following divisions of Army infantry:

a.) In the 1st Army:
Grenadier Corps—2nd and 3rd Grenadier Divisions.
1st Infantry———5th, 6th, and 14th Infantry Divisions.
2nd Infantry —— 4th, 25th, and 28th —— ——
3rd Infantry———7th, 24th, and 27th —— ——
4th Infantry———11th, 17th, and 23rd —— ——
5th Infantry———15th and 26th —— ——
6th Infantry———8th and 10th —— ——

b.) In the 2nd Army:
7th Infantry Corps—18th and 22nd Infantry Divisions. This formation was transferred to Barclay per his OOB.
8th Infantry ——— 13th and 16th —— ——

29 August 1814 – With the confirmation of a new distribution of corps, divisions, and brigades to the armies, Army infantry regiments were assigned to these as follows:

7th Infantry Corps:

18th Infantry Div., in the 1st Brigade — Tambov and Vladimir Infantry.
— — 2nd —— — Dnieper and Kostroma Infantry.
— — 3rd —— — 28th and 32nd Jägers.

22nd Infantry Div., in the 1st Brigade — Vyatka and Staryi-Oskol Infantry.
— — 2nd —— — Olonets and Viborg Infantry.
— — 3rd —— — 45th and 56th Jägers.

8th Infantry Corps:

13th Infantry Div., in the 1st Brigade — Galich and Velikie-Luki Infantry.
— — 2nd —— — Saratov Infantry and 4th Marines.
— — 3rd —— — 12th and 22nd Jägers.

16th Infantry Div., in the 1st Brigade — Okhotsk and Nyslott Infantry.
— — 2nd —— — Kamchatka and Mingrelia Infantry.
— — 3rd —— — 27th and 43rd Jägers (62).

22 August 1814– With the confirmation of a new organization of the army into corps, divisions, and brigades, Cavalry regiments were distributed among them as follows:

1st Infantry Corps:
1st Hussar Division, 1st Brigade: Sumy and Grodno Hussars.
2nd —— Olviopol and Lubny Hussars.

2nd Infantry Corps:
1st Dragoon Division, 1st Brigade: Kargopol and Moscow Dragoons.
2nd —— New Russia and Mitau Dragoons.

3rd Infantry Corps:
3rd Dragoon Division, 1st Brigade: Courland and Smolensk Dragoons.
2nd —— Tver and Kinburn Dragoons.

4th Infantry Corps:
3rd Hussar Division, 1st Brigade: Izyum and Yelisavetgrad Hussars.
2nd —— Pavlograd and Irkutsk Hussars.

5th Infantry Corps:
2nd Dragoon Division, 1st Brigade: St.-Petersburg and Riga Dragoons.
2nd —— Finland and Kazan Dragoons.

6th Infantry Corps:
2nd Hussar Division, 1st Brigade: Akhtyrka and Belorussia Hussars.
2nd —— Aleksandriya and Mariupol Hussars.

8th Infantry Corps:
4th Dragoon Division, 1st Brigade: Kharkov and Ingermanland Dragoons.
2nd —— Kiev and Narva Dragoons.

1st Reserve Cavalry Corps [1-i Rezervnyi Kavaleriiskii Korpus]:
1st Cuirassier Division, 1st Brigade: Chevalier Guards and Life-Guards Horse.
2nd —— HIS MAJESTY’S Life-Cuirassiers and HER MAJESTY’S Life-Cuirassiers.

1st Lancer Division, 1st —— Lithuania and Yamburg Lancers.
2nd —— Orenburg and Siberia Lancers.

2nd Reserve Cavalry Corps:
2nd Cuirassier Division, 1st Brigade: Yekaterinoslavl and Glukhov Cuirassiers.
2nd —— Astrakhan and Pskov Cuirassiers.

2nd Lancer Division, 1st —— Tatar and Polish Lancers.
2nd —— Volhynia and Vladimir Lancers.

3rd Reserve Cavalry Corps:
3rd Cuirassier Division, 1st Brigade: Military Order and Little Russia Cuirassiers.
2nd —— Starodub and Novgorod Cuirassiers.

3rd Lancer Division, 1st —— Chernigov [sic, should be Chuguev – M.C.] and Zhitomir Lancers.
2nd —— Serpukhov and Taganrog Lancers.

4th Reserve Cavalry Corps:
1st Horse-Jäger Division, 1st Brigade: Chernigov and Severskii Horse-Jägers.
2nd —— Arzamas and Nezhin Horse-Jägers.

2nd Horse-Jäger Division, 1st —— Livonia and Dorpat Horse-Jägers.
2nd —— Pereyaslavl and Tiraspol Horse-Jägers.

The Nizhnii-Novgorod Dragoon Regiment, stationed with the Georgia Corps, and the Borisoglebsk Dragoon Regiment, transferred from there to Russia, were not assigned to divisions (147).

23 September 1814
Foot brigades from the 1st to the 20th [sic, should be 3rd – M.C.] inclusive were assigned as part of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Grenadier Divisions, and from the 4th through the 28th—as part of the Infantry divisions, so that the number of the Artillery brigade corresponded to the number of its Army division; Horse companies, however, were assigned to Cavalry divisions, one to each (196).

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