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Amherst Wright, ? - 1840.

"Major(*) AMHERST WRIGHT was at the siege of Copenhagen in 1807, served in the campaign of 1813 and 1814, in Germany under the orders of the Prince Royal of Sweden, and was present at the siege of Wittemberg, capture of Hanover and Lubeck, siege of Frederick Fort, and siege and surrender of Gluckstadt. Present on the 17th and 18th June, at Waterloo.

Was appointed a Captain in the Swedish Army, 6th January, 1814, and received a gold medal from the Prince Royal of Sweden for the siege of Gluckstadt, and made a Knight of the Royal Order of the Sword for the campaigns of 1813-14."

The commanded the Rocket Troop at Gluckstadt in 1813-1814.

18.xii.1806 2nd Lieutenant.

1.ii.1808 1st Lieutenant.

2.iii.1825 2nd Captain.

21.xi.1836: Second-Captain Amherst Wright to be Captain, vice Petley. Promoted to brevet Major.

Regimental rank - Captain. Second Captain Francis Warde to be Captain, vice Amherst Wright, retired on full pay.

Major Amherst Wright died on the 27th September, 1840.

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