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Austrian uhlan czapka-Digby Smith vs W. *LINK*

Here's the link:

Concerning illustration number 1 squat yellow czapka in Digby Smith's "Illustrated Encyclopedia of Uniforms of the Napoleonic Wars.".

Was this squat yellow czapka still being worn by the Austrian uhlan cavalry in 1796 during Napoleon's first Italian campaign? Thoughts.

Rawkins' quote. Smith's text is imbedded in an image.

With regard to the headgear Rawkins says: "In 1792 the Uhlan Regiment was wearing a version of the traditional Polish cap, the 'Federaka', with soft yellow crown with squared top, brown fur headband and short black-over-yellow plume on the left side. In 1798, with the raising of the 2nd Regiment, both were put into modernised uniforms and the first version of the Czapska hat, the traditional lancer cap, was introduced with short squared top 'box' fluted at the sides, black turban and black leather peak. The semi-spherical yellow-and-black pompon was worn on the left side of the upper edge of the 'box' surmounted by a black-over-yellow plume and mixed yellow-and-
black cords and flounders were worn. The upper portion of the czapska was yellow for the 1st Regiment and grass green for the 2nd Regiment; however, prior to 1800 both units would appear to have worn yellow caps."