Napoleon Series Archive 2015

Russian marines/sailors in Low Countries 1814

Can anyone help me with some additional details relating to the Russian marines/sailors who served in the Low Countries in 1813-1814. I have a number of eyewitness accounts describing these troops, who were involved in some of the operations against Fort Batz at the very end of the war, but know little else about them. Help would be particularly appreciated in the following areas:
1) How many of them were there? I have seen a muster book for the troopship HMS Nemesis, ADM37/2464, recording 300 Russians being landed on N. Beveland Feb 3rd 1814. Was this it, or were there more?
2) Who commanded them? Moodie of the 21st gives a lovely description of their colonel, “a huge broad faced man with a ferocious expression of countenance” but doesn’t give a name.
3) Were they sailors or marines, or what? Moodie says that they were wearing “green jackets and trowsers”, so I am assuming Marines but Shaw of the 52nd calls them sailors. Moodie also speaks of their having a light company as part of their organisation, although it may be that this is simply a reference to troops who functioned as such rather than a formal designation.
4) Where had they come from? Shaw was of the opinion that they were from the Russian ships that had been taken in the Tagus, but it strikes me as more likely that they were from the Russian warships that arrived in British ports in late 1812: see

Any help much appreciated from our Russian experts.
Best Wishes, Andrew